Slumberland Release Date, Cast Updates, Plot Theories & More

Wear your nightcaps; Dreamland is here to take you to the land of dreams.

Netflix’s Slumberland is one of their big-budget fantasy adaptations set for release in 2022. Now that we know when the movie will be released, we know you’re just as curious as we are. From release dates to trailers, here’s everything we know about Slumberland so far.

Dreamland Release date: When? Dreamland Out?

Credit: Netflix

Marlow Barkley as Nemo

Dreamland going out in November 18, 2022. We first learned about the fantasy film when it was announced alongside Netflix Originals in Netflix’s 2022 Movie Preview.

When did Slumberland finish filming?

The cast and crew began filming for Dreamland in February 18, 2021 and wrapped in May 19, 2021. Scenes for the movie were filmed in Toronto.

Dreamland Cast: Who are the actors included in the Netflix original?

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Kyle Chandler as Philip

The cast of Slumberland is a colorful mix of great actors who will bring their characters to life.

Jason Momoa is Flip

jason momoa leads the Dreamland cast as Turn around, a nine-foot-tall, half-beast, half-man horned creature with bushy fur. Flip is a self-proclaimed outlaw who has taken it upon himself to guide Nemo through this strange land of dreams and nightmares.

Momoa is best known for his roles in aquaman Y Dune. As in his other films, most of his character components will be augmented through CGI.

Marlow Barkley as Nemo

marlow barkley plays the protagonist Nemo, a young woman who embarks on an adventure through the mysterious land of dreams to find her missing father. Barkley has starred in other films and series such as single parents, AmphibianY Energetic.

Other Slumberland characters

More actors join the cast of Slumberland, three of whom still have mystery characters: Kyle Chandler, Chris O’DowdY Beaufort Indian.

The cast includes humbly gonzales theater plays Grace, Tonya Cornelisse What agent red, Weruche Opia What agent green, jamillah-ross What Orange agentY leslie adlam What agent brown. we will also see sergio osuna What Manager, michael blake What Counter, cameron nicholl As the young philipY ava cheung What ho sook. Luxton Hand Launcher What Mate, Katerina Taxia What JaniceY sheikh owais What Frank completes the confirmed cast list of Slumberland.

Dreamland Team: Who are the creatives behind the scenes?

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Dreamland is based on Winsor McCay 1905 comic strip called Little Nemo in Dreamland. Francis Lawrence (who previously worked at constantine, The Hunger Games, red sparrowY I’m legend) directs the film following the script written by Michael Handelman Y DavidScreenplay.

Handelman and Guion are the executive producers of angelic ray. The producers are Peter Chernin, Cameron MacConomy, david readyY Jenno’s coverage.

Dreamland Plot: What will be the plot of Dreamland?

The film is based on the Winsor McCay comic strip, Little Nemo in Slumberland. In this series of comic strips, Flip guides a young boy, Nemo, as he goes through wild adventures in his sleep, with each episode ending when he wakes up from his dreams. Nemo and Flip go on many adventures together, so Netflix’s comic strip adaptation has plenty of stories to choose from, but some creative liberties may have been taken. For example, the film follows a girl instead of a boy.

The official synopsis for Slumberland reads:

A young woman discovers a secret map to the dream world of Slumberland and, with the help of an eccentric outlaw, traverses dreams and flees nightmares, hoping Sahe can see her late father again.

Here is a longer logline for Slumberland

A young girl, Nema, with the help of a great half-man/half-monster creature, travels to a mystical land in her dreams in search of her missing father. 11-year-old Nema lives in a lighthouse with her father, Peter, who taught her how to sail. Unfortunately, Peter dies one night during a storm at sea. Nema is sent to live with her estranged uncle Philip, who is boring and doesn’t look anything like Peter. Nema discovers a world called “Slumberland” in her dreams. She meets Flip (Momoa), a creature who claims to have been an outlaw with Peter years ago, stealing things from other people’s dreams. Nema decides to go on an affair with Flip when he claims to know a way she can wish her father back.

Dreamland Trailer: Is there a trailer for jason momoa movie?

Dreamland It doesn’t have a full trailer yet, but Netflix released the official trailer on August 24, 2022. You can watch the trailer here:

where to look Dreamland: Where I can see Dreamland?

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Nemo and Flip

You can see Dreamland in Netflix once it releases in November 2022. You can enjoy more fantasy movies like the umbrella academy, The Wizard, The school of good and evilThe sandman and Hocus Pocus 2.

Dreamland it’s another chance to see Momoa bring his signature performance to another lovable giant of a character.

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