Summary | Colorado Rapids 2 ties MLS NEXT Pro all-time unbeaten streak with win over MNUFC2

Colorado Rapids 2 (8-0-2, 27 pts) defeated MNUFC2 (4-3-3, 16 pts) in tonight’s 4-1 victory at the National Sports Center. With tonight’s result, Rapids 2 has tied MLS NEXT Pro’s all-time unbeaten streak at 10 games without losing and remains the only team in the league with an unbeaten record. Forward Rémi Cabral earned a brace in tonight’s match, along with goals from Oliver Larraz and Connor Miller. Larraz also had his fifth assist of the season, tying him for first as the league assists leader (5 assists).

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  • Rapids 2 earned their eighth win of the season in tonight’s 1-3 win over MNUFC2. With tonight’s result, Rapids 2 have tied their all-time MLS NEXT Pro unbeaten streak (10 games).
  • Rapids 2 remain the only team in the league with an undefeated record and continue to hold their first place in both the Western Conference and the league overall.
  • Goalie Adam Beaudry made three saves on the night for Rapids 2 in the game against MNUFC2.
  • Midfielder Connor Miller scored his first goal of the season in tonight’s game against MNUFC2.
  • Forward Rémi Cabral registered a brace in tonight’s game against MNUFC2. He has now scored four goals this season for Rapids 2.
  • Midfielder Oliver Larraz scored his third goal of the season in tonight’s match against MNUFC2.
  • Defender Jackson Travis provided his second assist of the season on Connor Miller’s opening goal against MNUFC2.
  • Midfielder Oliver Larraz added his fifth assist of the season in tonight’s match against MNUFC2. He is now tied for first in the league for the overall lead in assists (5 assists).
  • Midfielder Marlon Vargas added his third assist of the season with Oliver Larraz’s goal against MNUFC2.
  • Defender Steve Flores added his first assist of the season with Rémi Cabral’s second goal in the game against MNUFC2.

Media availability after the game:

  • Coach Erik Bushey
  • Rapids 2 Midfielder Connor Miller

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“Good football from the first whistle to the last. It was a big improvement in terms of Thursday to Sunday, so we’re very happy about that. There were a lot of really good performances. I think the guys represented themselves well tonight. I thought we were composed in our build. We offered a threat against their back line and really when it comes down to it, the game is about scoring goals. Thank you guys because we scored some really beautiful goals tonight.”

On the challenges ahead of tonight’s game:

“Consecutive away games were going to be tough. It was always going to be a challenge. You get very little rest between games, even one less day between Minnesota. They were home both games, we were away both games. The guys responded very well to that. They were, as always, hard workers, but also disciplined in their recovery. It’s a huge challenge, and I’m very happy that they came out on the right side. Guys coming in and out, that was a challenge, but that’s not new. The journey made it particularly challenging, or perhaps a bit more unique compared to what we’ve faced so far this year. Both the guys who were coming in and out and the guys who were here the whole time, they all had to adapt, and they did very well. They are used to moving pieces, so this week was no different.”

On the team’s ability to maintain possession:

“It was good. Obviously, there was the last 10 minutes of the first half where we defended a little bit more and then the last third of the second half where we defended more. They were pushing. It was 3-1 for many at that time, so naturally, it will be the case that we defend more. Even when we were under pressure, we kept our composure in our effort to play. I think it was a very good display of football, thinking and composure. put that in with really hard work, good things happen. I thought that Good things happened tonight.”

On tying MLS NEXT Pro’s all-time unbeaten streak:

“It means little in the bigger picture. We are proud of our performance in this game knowing that we have a very, very difficult game at home this weekend. These little things that bring positive attention to our team and club make me happy and proud, but the record or tying a record means very little if we don’t sustain our success, if we don’t continue to stand behind it week after week and if we don’t progress guys from this show by doing what we did tonight, then those things can happen.”


“I think it was a very hard-working performance by the guys. We came out very strong in the first half and dominated most of the first half. We got rewarded on the first two goals and getting that third goal was crucial. It was a bit difficult to admit that shortly after the third goal, but we did well, we kept our composure and didn’t lose our minds and then we got the fourth to seal the game. Overall, it was a very good performance.”

On his first goal of the season:

“I got the ball straight from Jackson Travis and when I got my bunt, I realized I could look straight ahead. Once I did, I realized that no one was really pushing me, so I took the space. I think it was Caique de Brito who made a good run to push the two centre-backs back, so I kept going into the box. I finally saw that the goalkeeper was guessing to the left of him, so I went back near the post to get my first goal of the season. The first goal is always the most difficult, so I’m very proud to have done it, very proud to have done it against a very quality opponent on a really difficult road trip. Starting the game and finally getting on the right foot was a very proud moment.”

On tying MLS NEXT Pro’s all-time unbeaten streak:

“It’s a great achievement. It’s the credit for how well we’ve done this season so far. Ultimately, it’s not something we should get too locked up in and let our heads get too big because there are still so many games to come. “. “We’ve got about 18 more games to come this season, so if we let it slide now and lose the season, we’re not going to make the playoffs. Obviously he’s great to have. He’s great to be able to play.” in this next match to break the record and have it all to ourselves, but it’s a reality check. This is where we are. We are a team that has been dominating most of the games and getting the results. We have to move on. there and we can’t stop now.

On the areas that remain to be improved:

“I think there’s been a lot of improvement in the last few games. You saw it in the Austin FC game, you saw it tonight, of closing out games, especially when they’re close or the team is putting pressure in the end. I think it’s still a area for improvement honestly it was a bit of a crush to concede the goal after we scored our third so trying to watch the game and get those clean sheets I think that’s an area for improvement for us ultimately I think we We’ve done well so far, but we need to continue to grow in that area.”