Support Techies is winning big, and here’s how to play

Support Techies is going to ruin your pubs soon, so why don’t you learn how to play it yourself first?

The Pro Dota 2 OG team is known for its explosive and innovative playstyle, and that mentality extends to team training and drafts. This includes unexpected picks like Support Techies. This strange strategy did not appear in a throwaway match either. OG saved strategy for a grand best-of-five final series against Team Aster, which OG won. Here’s how to play support Techies like OG.

First of all, it is important to understand what Techies can do from the support role. Their spells are strong and can turn fights around, but demolition experts are easy prey for a farm carry. As a result, learning to play support Techies is all about early game impact and not allowing opposing carries to take advantage of you.

How to Play Support Techies Like OG.Chuvash

Based on OG’s win over Team Aster, here’s how to play new support Techies like OG support Chuvash.

For the laning stage, stay close to your offlaner. Techies are great at harassing, and the new banner creeps added in 7.32 are an incentive for the enemy to get in closer. Sticky Bomb does a lot of damage per mana, so blast Clarities and harass enemies from trees. Coordinating with Mars, the Chuvash Techies killed the enemy carrying Phantom Assassin twice in lane.

As far as item building goes, support Techies benefit from a quick set of Tranquil Boots and Soul Ring. This offers enough mana for spam spells and a good chunk of early HP for survivability.

From there, it’s all about utility. Chuvash prioritizes staying alive after Blast Off, so Ghost Scepter makes sense against Phantom Assassin. Eul’s Scepter, Force Staff, or Glimmer Cloak can work depending on the enemy draft. Aether Lens helps Techies launch from range and avoid the enemy’s explosion. The OG trainer also approves of Ethereal Blade as a later option.

One of the most obvious issues with Support Techies is how they tend to crash in the later stages of the game. Once the Black King Bars come out, it becomes difficult for the hero to have a big impact. Chuvash also have an answer for this. Rather than wait for the BKB to finish and hide from the fray, he forces enemy heroes to use defensive tools early. While he may lead to a less than flattering KDA for the Techies player, he is not afraid to die for the cause of his team. Jumping and scaring enemy cores into wasting defensive tools is worth dying for in the late game for a support hero like Techies.

While support Techies is a proven winning strategy in the pro scene, it is somewhat difficult to learn to play in pubs. Remember to be very nice to your teammates and you will find out with the help of this guide and inspiration from her at OG.

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