‘Terrifier 2’ – FrightFest Premiere Reactions Praise for “Utterly Insane” and “Bloody Terrific” Sequel

Art the Clown is back Damian Leone‘s scary 2and before Bloody Disgusting and Cinedigm release the highly anticipated sequel in theaters across the country on October 6 – tickets available soon, and you’ll find them right here! – first, Art made his way in the UK scarefest 2022 this afternoon for the WORLD PREMIERE of the new sequel.

After the premiere, the first batch of reactions on social networks to #Terror2 have accessed the Internet, and to say that we are satisfied with the response would be a gross understatement.

We can’t wait for EVERYONE to enjoy scary 2 this Halloween season, but while you wait, we thought you’d be hungry for a taste of these first reactions.

@SkinTrader2 tweets from FrightFest, “scary 2 promised a lot to fans but somehow actually delivered more. Ultra bloody, gorgeously violent and completely insane on every level.”

@v_for_veniretta tweets: “All your Halloweens have come at once. Damien Leone’s 140-minute Art the Clown epic is a slasher full of absolutely insane levels of carnage done with incredible and practical special effects. Over the top, out of control and off the rails.”

Many FrightFest attendees were surprised to discover that scary 2 it’s 2 hours and 20 minutes long, but most seemed to feel that MORE ART can only be a good thing.

@ThatRyanMartin tweets: “Longest horror movie ever, good job. it’s damn cool!

@gillchrisd notes: “140 minutes is a long time to keep a loose structure for gore gags, but scary 2 handles it As violent and mean as the first with excellent special effects..”

Speaking of the kills, @Dominic52897159 praises one in particular: “Probably one of the best death scenes of all time.. The art has really established itself among the icons of horror.”

@Aza_ tweets, “I don’t think ANYONE is ready for this absolutely wonderful, brutal, crazy movie. scary 2 it is…

Check out the trailer below and expect more real stuff soon…

From the writer/director Damian Leone (Hallowe’en), the long-awaited sequel to the cult-favorite slasher flick, welcomes back David Howard Thorton as the demon slayer, Art the Clown. scary 2 also presents Laura Lavera as Sienna, who will instantly become a fan favorite. Returning is also samantha scaffidi who will reprise her role as Victoria Heyes. horror icon happy pink (outdoor camp) also makes an appearance.

scary 2 has Art the Clown up to his old tricks once again…

Following his gruesome death in the first film, Art has been brought back to life by a sinister presence to strike fear into the residents of Miles County. On Halloween night, he unassumingly returns to town and sets his sights on a new prey: a teenage girl and her little brother, played by LaVera and Elliott Fulhamrespectively.

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