The 10 most iconic hits in video games

Combat is a vital element in many game genres. Players who can protect themselves can be the difference between life and death, unless the player can sneak past their enemies. In some situations, a player may find themselves unarmed with nothing but their fists to protect themselves. Other characters rely solely on how bad their hit is to defeat their enemies.

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A fierce fist movement can solve many problems in games or is a vital aspect of many fighting games. These characters by far have the most iconic punches in the entirety of gaming.


10 Christ Redfield vs. The Rock – Resident Evil 5

demonic resident has been praised for the ways it has innovated horror, especially for a long-running franchise. Many memorable things have happened within games that players like. However, one of the most iconic and funniest moments in gamers’ history was in resident bad 5.

While chasing Albert Wesker, a rock blocks Chris Redfield’s path. Surrounded by magma, the fumes must have reached Chris’s head as he begins to knock this rock down in hopes of getting it out of the way.

9 Shepherd sending a message to the news – Mass Effect

Commander Shepherd’s actions are commonly divided into two roles, the role model and the role of the renegade. The difference between the two usually symbolizes how good or bad the character is when it comes to making decisions.

One of those actions is a fondly remembered choice of Renegade Shepherd, as they can quickly silence a reporter who is trying to get a reaction from the commander. Many fans enjoy this choice even when playing as Paragon in hopes of teaching this reporter some manners.

8 Queen Sheba’s Divine Strike – Bayonetta

Bayonetta she herself packs a fierce punch when defeating her enemies, however, during the battle of Jubileus after Bayonetta has established the law that summons the infernal demon Queen Sheba to finish her off.

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This colossal female demon towers over Bayonetta, kissing her own hand before hitting Jubileus with a devastating blow that sends Jubileus’s soul flying straight into the sun, forever defeating her in battle. Some players may think that Queen Sheba is a bit over the top for the situation, although the angel commonly known as the creator deserves it.

7 Doom Guy Brutal Blow – Doom Eternal

In this fast-paced first-person shooter, Doom Guy is not only skilled with weapons that will destroy the demons that attack him, but he is also very skilled with his fists. Players can rip and tear enemies apart quickly with whatever firearms are available to them, but once they knock an enemy down enough, players can resort to melee combat.

Rush an enemy into eternal doom finally finishing them off with a brutal group is not only satisfying for the power it gives the player, but also for the intense and bloody final scene that plays out.

6 A Knockout with Little Mac – Punch-Out

Getting the KO is by far one of the most satisfying things to go into. Punch out. Little Mac, as his name suggests, may be hitting lower than his opponents, but that doesn’t stop him from having a strong right hook.

After beating an opponent to the point of surrendering, receiving the final blow that sends them dizzy and spinning is by far one of the most iconic moments. Especially when it’s the final opponent, Mr. Sandman, taking his place as champion.

5 Don’t come between Joe and his family – Resident Evil 7

the Resident Evil 7 downloadable Content, end of zoeIt shows the importance of family. Joe Baker, Jack Baker’s brother and therefore Zoe’s uncle, worries about what has happened to his family and embarks on an adventure through the swamps to find out where they are.

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Uncovering monstrosities along the way, players are treated to intense hand-to-hand combat, as Joe frequently prefers his fists over any other weapon when facing such dangers. This man not only fights minor enemies like transformed alligators, but also Swamp Man, who is the main boss of the DLC.

4 Falcon Punch – F-Nero

It would be a crime not to mention Captain Falcon, especially since his most iconic motto is ‘Falcon Punch’. Although this does not have much use in the racing game. F-zeroplayers who have experienced Super Smash Bros. you will know about the power of Captain Falcon.

Players may argue that a man who announces his attack before striking may not have the best chance of winning. However, this is all part of the fun of playing this tall and confident bounty hunter and racer, who has now become a challenger.

3 The Wrath of Asura’s Fists – Asura’s Wrath

Asura is filled with a great deal of anger and rage, this emotion that he channels into every attack of any foe he faces, causing his blows to have a deadly impact on his foes. The power behind his fists goes even further, as this demigod can create shockwaves with his punches, not to mention the speed with which he can attack his opponents as well.

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Not only is Asura capable of destroying enemies, but as players see him in the game, he was able to completely destroy the Wailing Dark sword with a single blow without armor, while incredibly injured. This shows how Asura is not only one of the strongest characters, but also one of the toughest.

two The Ballbreaker – Mortal Kombat

There are many iconic hits that are performed in Mortal Kombat, be it a character’s usual moves or one of their brutal finishers. However, one of the characters that has the most memorable and hilarious punches is Johnny Cage.

This notoriously beloved character from the series is commonly known for his intense kicks and punches. However, one of his most iconic moves is the ‘Come Again’ shot from mortal kombat 11 where Johnny punches a character in the groin so hard that their spine is thrown out of their body.

1 Hitting the skies with Tifa – Final Fantasy 7

Of all the most iconic hits in gaming, players who have experienced final fantasy 7 will know how deadly Tifa Lockhart’s punch is. After learning all the limit breakers from her, players can finally make Tifa learn the last limit breaker from her called Final Heaven.

It can be quite difficult to pull off this Limit Breaker, as it requires Tifa to first combine all of her other six Limit Breakers, finally hitting the enemy with an explosive blast of energy from her fist.

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