The 10 most iconic video game mascots

Mascots are important as they solidify the face of a brand. In video games, there are many different types of pets. Some mascots represent series or franchises, while others represent a wave of consoles and much more. Initially, there were only a few mascots in games, but as the gaming industry has grown, so has the number of mascots that represent different titles and brands.

The mascots on this list will be those that have a prolific style and well symbolize the product they represent. Pets do not have to be the most popular in the world, but they generate a lot of intrigue around them.


10/10 crash bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot is now more associated with his game series. There was a time when he used to be associated with Naughty Dog Studio as what many believed to be their main mascot, but that quickly ended. The good thing about Crash is that since his creation a lot of admiration has been generated towards him.

It appeared on so many consoles that several gamers ran into it, but not always in the best way, as some of the games were terrible. When remakes of the originals were released, many streamers played through the difficult levels pushing Crash even further.

9/10 great dad

The Big Daddy is iconic to the BioShock game series and the books as well. What makes Big Daddy so special is that he doesn’t feel like something evil in the series. He is burly and menacing, but as a bear, there is something sweet about the prominent burly figure of him until he tries to assassinate the players. Once he does, he becomes a terrifying, almost mechanical killing machine.

The dichotomy in it generates love in the players. The player’s ability to play as one in BioShock 2 made everyone love 2k games for giving the fans what they wanted. If the series were bigger, this mascot would surely get more traction.

8/10 Kirby

Kirby is the mascot of his series. He is one of the most simply designed mascots on this list, but with that, he is also one of the cutest. Kirby proves that someone doesn’t have to create the most complex design in the world to make something cool.

What makes Kirby so lovable is his ability to transform into the items he consumes. This adds a ton of different effects that can be added to the Kirby figure. There are an endless number of options that come along with Kirby Mascot.

7/10 Sonic

Sonic became increasingly popular as the series grew into a franchise. This makes sense as they have done nothing but their best to make fans happy. When most people didn’t like how Sonic originally looked in the Sonic movie, they made sure to roll back the Sonic movie and fix it. This probably gave Sonic a considerable boost in the media and made him a household name.

On top of all this, so many fantastic Sonic games have appeared, creating more die-hard fans of the series. His face is associated not only with himself but with all things Sega.

6/10 sweet tooth

Sweet Tooth is the face of the Twisted Metal series. He is a mass murdering clown who has appeared on the cover of almost every Twisted Metal game. The funny thing about Sweet Tooth is that his name is Marcus Kane, and his nickname is Needles. Sweet Tooth is the name of this character’s killer ice cream truck.

The Twisted Metal series features dark and gory imagery. It also has full-scale car combat, so it makes sense that the mascot would be a creepy clown.

5/10 Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong is iconic for several reasons. He appears in many of their games that feature adventures that are very different from their platform counterparts. While the Mario games seemed to be more based on a great sense of adventure and interesting mechanics, the Donkey Kong games, especially the Donkey Kong Country games, focused on simple mechanics and timing.

Donkey Kong’s antics and his pursuit of bananas make him a fan favorite. He is also strongly associated with Nintendo being one of the first Mario villains.

4/10 sack boy

Sackboy feels like a stuffed animal that everyone wishes they had as a child. He has a lot of style within himself in the way that he portrays a lot of emotion, unlike many of the other pets on this list. He was a mascot that represented the LittleBigPlanet series, but also the PlayStation 3 at the time.

The release of this game got Sony out of hot water for a while. So it’s understandable why the little guy gets so much love. Sackboy brings nostalgia to many people who have played the series. He is also a pet that everyone can enjoy if anyone ever gets their hands on one of his games.

Link represents The Legend of Zelda and everything it is known for. Link had many versions of himself. In his story, he constantly reincarnates and goes on the same quest throughout the timelines. The setting in the world of Links is second to none. The beauty of the games makes players want to know more about its main character.

There are plenty of dungeon crawlers, but playing as Link and venturing into the unknown feels unique in itself.

2/10 Moogle

Moogles are an important part of Square Enix, having appeared in nearly every Final Fantasy title except Final Fantasy I, II and IV – every other game in the entire series, including spin-offs. They have also been featured as the faces of synthesis items in the Kingdom Hearts games.

Moogles are great to find as they are cute and always seem to have some sort of buff which varies depending on which game they appear in. It’s hard to think there will ever be another Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts game without one.

1/10 Mario

Mario has been a poster child for so many things over the years, and it’s hard to take away any of his notoriety. Mario is iconic in his own right, as games released with him as the central protagonist never disappoint. He is the face of the games themselves, but he is also the face of Nintendo. Every time someone sees him, he’s sure to think of Nintendo, since he’s been with them for basically as long as they’ve been around.

Mario also has the added benefit of being the face of the platformer genre for a lot of people. If Mario games had never been made, the platformer genre probably wouldn’t have been where it is now.

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