The best PS1 multiplayer games that are still holding up well today

Despite its age, the PlayStation 1 remains one of the most memorable consoles of all time. His library was packed with imaginative titles dealing with everything from tight platformers to riveting stealth action games. Of course, one of the biggest draws to Sony’s little gray box was the sheer number of games gamers could play with their friends on the console.

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There are several great PS1 multiplayer games worth mentioning in this regard, with the best ones being highlighted below. If gamers can still get their hands on the console and have copies of the following games available, then they can still call up a group of friends and have a fantastic time.


10 Tekken 3

Tekken 3 is a great fighting game that is still going strong to this day thanks to its strict fighting mechanics. Sure, the latest games in the series have brought with them several modern innovations, but there’s something about the classics that makes them endlessly playable.

As usual when it comes to fighting games, players can fight each other by choosing their favorite fighters and competing. Even after so many years, playing Tekken 3 with a friend is wonderful in every sense of the word.

9 grand tourer 2

grand tourer has been a long-running racing franchise on PlayStation for quite some time. The previous games in the series made quite an impression, especially when it comes to grand tourer 2.

This game was easily one of the best that PlayStation had to offer in terms of racing games. What made the experience even better was split screen multiplayer with a friend and it is still enjoyed to this day.

8 Pro skater from Tony Hawk 2

Pro skater from Tony Hawk 2 It is one of the best video games ever created. The fact that the remaster of the first two games sold as a hit is enough to show how impactful this title really was.

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Taking turns with a friend on the original PlayStation after a crash was a great moment that still holds up even now. Of course, most people would just opt ​​for the remasters, but there’s something about the allure of the classics that’s special in its own way.

7 crash bandicoot

crash bandicoot is one of the most legendary platform games of all time. Even with the release of the remakes, most people find that the original’s hit-spotting coupled with its undeniable charm still makes it worth checking out.

Nailing the jumps in this game and evading countless hazards that can finish Crash off in one hit makes for a great time. Switching controllers after each kill is a pretty fair and fun way to play this game.

6 street fighter alpha 3

the Street Fighter The series is another long-time fighting game franchise that made a huge mark on the original PlayStation with the release of street fighter alpha 3. This great fighting title is still going strong and is a lot of fun to play with friends.

Featuring a plethora of fan-favorite characters, players can have a blast battling each other with special move sets and innovative combos. The game may not have the modern nuances later on. Street Fighter games, but it is clear that many people do not care about this at all.

5 Rappa the rapper

One of the most difficult games on the original PlayStation, which most gamers never expected Rappa the rapper be so challenging. After all, the cute visuals and light-hearted nature of the game made it seem like nothing more than a casual experience.

However, all of these expectations were dashed when the heists began and players realized just how difficult the game really was. Players need to be near perfect with their inputs, and it’s definitely a great game to play with friends when the controller goes bust after every miss.

4 Driver

There was a time when people went crazy for him. Driver games. The strict mechanics and mature approach to tone of these games set them apart from most other driving games of the time.

DriverThe first level of might be one of the hardest any game had to offer at the time, but the game definitely opens up after this challenge. Playing with friends and going on missions in the most ostentatious way is part of the reason why Driver is loved by so many gamers.

Speaking of driving games with a mature emphasis, it would be hard not to mention the twisted metal Serie. This racing franchise might be dormant right now, but most people still remember the glory days of the franchise even now.

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twisted metal 2 is a great game for PlayStation in which players can go through various game modes that require them to reach the finish line intact or destroy as many cars as possible. Each mode is great, especially if players have a friend to enjoy this carnage with.

A classic side-scrolling run-and-gun game that everyone must have heard of by now. Those who have played it will know how difficult and attractive it is. metal slug x it is. The art style of these games is iconic in its own right, with the chaotic action taking many players to an early grave time and time again.

Players who want to make the experience more manageable and exciting should look no further than this title’s co-op. Two players are better than one when it comes to going through the stages in metal slug xafter all.

1 crash team racing

One of the first kart racers to be released on PlayStation, crash team racing filled the void that many gamers felt after being ardent fans of Mario Kart. He may not be the most innovative go-kart racer out there, but he gets the job done.

The fact that players love its new version shows how much fun it is. crash team racing really is. Once players master this title, playing it with friends is a blast.

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