The best survival games to play on Roblox

Survival games on Roblox come in many different forms of entertainment. Whether surviving horror situations, surviving some calamity event, surviving an elimination based game show, or just building a base to survive, there are plenty of survival games to play on the platform that are always gaining a lot of popularity.

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However, due to how genres work in Roblox, there is no exact etiquette for survival games. Many are tagged as horror, adventure, or all genres, so it can be difficult to find new games to enjoy on the very broad platform that receives hundreds of new games every day.


10 3008

One game that has been exploding for the past year on YouTube is a survival horror game called 3008. This game is all about being thrown into a giant IKEA store and surviving on a daily basis from the terrifying staff members that come out of the woodwork to attack you. when the power is cut off.

The objective of the game is to survive in the store by collecting food and building bases with furniture that can be found everywhere in the store. However, other players can easily steal from you or sabotage your base, so while staff members may seem like the only thing you need to defend against, plenty of real people want to take what’s yours for themselves.

9 Crushed by a speeding wall

This game is very simple; try not to get crushed by a giant wall that flies forward every time a player presses a large red button at the start of the map. To get past the speed wall, you need to run to the cubicles on the walls before they crush you.

But, as you go forward, you get closer to the actual resting point of the wall, which means you have to get lucky if you go forward. Once you get it, at the end there are obby courses to complete and a portal that leads you into an even tougher race against a speedy wall.

8 survive spin the bottle

Spin The Bottle is an iconic game played at parties and at school for its simple nature of choosing a random person after the bottle is spun and an effect occurring on the person. In this game they take it to the next level and mix it with another classic game, Russian Roulette.

You, as the player, sit at a table in a suit with jazz music playing in the background as players take turns spinning the bottle, then shooting whoever they please. But be careful because if you shoot and miss, that player may consider you his next victim.

7 Build a ship to survive

Building ships to survive is one of the best survival games on Roblox because of the number of possibilities you can pull off. The ultimate goal is to go through ten different sections of a river with various obstacles in a way that can destroy your boat by touching them. And, with each leg, the obstacles will do more damage and have more resistance.

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The best part about this is that your boat can be anything with the simple building tool of placing blocks to make your boat. Depending on the type of material you build it with, it can be a speedy, weightless boat that zigzags swiftly down the river dodging obstacles, or a giant boat with sturdy materials that smashes everything in its path.

6 the floor is lava

Another classic game brought to life is The Floor Is Lava. The best part of this game is that you have to reach the highest point on the map by climbing rocks, buildings or even going through obstacle courses to reach the top before the other players around you.

There are bonuses that players can buy, like extra lives or building blocks to make the high points even higher, but that won’t save you if you can’t get through all the sticky situations the game puts you in. the main thing to be aware of is that the other players around you will deliberately try to push you off the top or stand on top of you, causing you to die first.

5 survive the killer

Survive The Killer is a very well made game that is supposed to be a cross between Friday The 13th and Dead By Daylight. As you play, you can pick up items left on the ground that can then be sold for money, or if it’s a chest, it can be opened to get exclusive items like cosmetics or something to help you in the next few games.

The maps are relatively small, but you can revive your teammates up to three times before they’re dead for good. Fortunately, the game only has you surviving for about five minutes, which means that if you can outrun the speedy Jason-type assassin, you can go out and win.

4 Roblox Total Drama

Based on the hit Cartoon Network show Total Drama Island, Total Roblox Drama features all of the islanders in the original series that can be played in a lobby for up to 20 people. In each game, you split into two or three teams based on how many players are in your lobby, and compete in challenges to eventually whittle everyone down to a few people left.

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Many of the challenges are obstacle courses or survival events against other players. The only problem is that many of these challenges are not explained, so as a new player you have to solve them quickly or lose.

3 Roblox Squid Game

Another TV show turned into a Roblox game is the top rated show, Squid Game. Just like the TV show, you must survive each round with the show’s classic games like red light, green light, tug of war, hopscotch and many more, as well as games that can only work in a video game, how to pass the bomb .

However, one of the best parts of the Roblox Squid Game is the opportunity to become a guard or a player. As a player, you obviously play games to the end, but as a guard, you can do all the dirty work by taking out players to the end. And on top of that, there are even codes to unlock free revives and more.

two rainbow friends

If you’ve ever wanted to be on a horror-themed Miss Frizzle outing where monsters lure you into a scary theme park to collect items, Rainbow Friends pulls it off in every way. With up to 15 players in a game, you roam around a map avoiding monsters that become more active with each passing round after collecting items found on the map.

However, with most horror games, there are always similar aspects, like hiding in lockers or cracks. But Rainbow Friends also gives you a box so you can walk around but hide more, and some cracks sometimes take you to different levels as shortcuts to make a quick escape.

1 Natural Disaster Survival

One of the most popular and classic games on the Roblox platform is Natural Disaster Survival, which originated in early 2008 when Roblox was still starting to grow as a place to create and share games. This game has a simple goal: Survive one disaster after another that the game throws at you, be it blizzards, tornadoes, flash floods, or even active volcanoes.

However, that’s not the only thing that makes it so much fun because you can have multiple disasters simultaneously. When placed on these huge maps like the Roblox HQ, a military base, or a race track, it can be difficult to survive the multiple challenges that come your way, as you must constantly adapt to your surroundings in order to find protection as quickly as possible. possible.

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