The Fake Bishop Sycamore High School Receives HBO Documentary

Those who keep up with the sports world will remember Bishop Sycamore High School. Or at least they recognize the fake football team that played IMG Academy during the 2021 season. Now, HBO is making it official. The next documentary high BSwill examine the Sycamore Centurion football team and their outright drubbing on national television, according to a Deadline report.

The infamous game happened a year ago today, on August 29, 2021. Bishop Sycamore, a team unknown to all, played at one of the most prolific and well-known high schools in the country, IMG Academy. What followed was a 58-0 embarrassment, with IMG winning. ESPN aired the game in its entirety, and fans and players alike wondered how a game touted as one of the most competitive of the year could end up so lopsided.


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Inquiries and questions began to surface, and it was eventually learned that Bishop Sycamore was not, in fact, a true high school. The team, said to be located in Columbus, Ohio, featured players who had already graduated from high school or were not registered with any legitimate team. During an interview with Complex, one player admitted that the school had no classrooms, that the football team never held practices, and that they had people in their 20s on the team.

Roy Johnson is the centerpiece of Bishop Sycamore

Roy Johnson is the mind behind Bishop Sycamore and the coach of the disgraced football team. Johnson agreed to be a part of the documentary for HBO, with the official synopsis reading:

Roy Johnson sits down for an interview with “BS High” directors Travon Free and Martin Desmond Roe. The HBO documentary “BS High” chronicles the Bishop Sycamore High School football scandal. Coming to HBO Max in 2023.

Travon Free and Martin Desmond Roe are doing high BS, with previous experience in the documentary genre. Roe has worked in Stole, We are the Champions, Y Wiz Khalifa: behind the camera. Roe also teamed up with Free for the Oscar-winning short film, Two distant strangers. Adam McKay and NFL Hall of Famer Michael Strahan are the executive producers of the project. high BS It will likely shed some light on the current structure of high school sports and the hope that each school will have to make big deals with ESPN for nationally televised games.

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HBO released a behind-the-scenes clip from the upcoming documentary with Roy Johnson. In the 30-second sneak peek, Johnson asks, “Do I look like a con artist?” The public will find out if he is when high BS premieres on HBO Max sometime in 2023.

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