The great novelty of the best app to watch DTT channels online and for free

Watching DTT only on television is a thing of the past. Thanks to TDTChannels we have been able to enjoy it almost anywhere for a long time, thanks above all to the fact that it is possible to use this application both on computers and on mobile phones and other devices. Those responsible do not stop working on it to improve it, and in fact from today a new feature is added to everything that this platform already offers us. We tell you more about her.

As we say, TDTChannels allows us to watch DTT without an antenna, which is undoubtedly an advance. Thanks to this platform we will be able to enjoy DTT channels on all types of devices, since in addition to having a web version and having native applications for both Android and iOS, also allows download and installation on Android TV and Fire TVin addition to sending the playback to another screen thanks to Google’s Chromecast.

You can now check the schedule on TDTChannels

The platform continues to grow and improve. TDTChannels has at the time of writing this article 615 television channels Y 910 radio stations, a number that is simply impressive. From time to time we are seeing how this list is updated and new channels and stations are added, a sign that those responsible are working on it without stopping at any time.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, a very interesting novelty has just arrived at TDTChannels. The novelty we are referring to is the implementation of the EPG, or as it is known in Spanish, electronic tv program guide. Thanks to this we will be able to consult the programming of the channels to which TDTChannels gives access in a very simple way, although at the moment it is only available for the main channels.

If we look at the web version of this platform, we will now find a button right at the bottom of the playback that says «Programming«. If we click on this button, a window will appear where we can consult the programming of the channels that have it available, both for that day and for the next two. This programming appears divided into hours, so it will be very easy for us to access and consult it.

The best thing about this new feature is that if we click on each broadcast in this pop-up window, a description of the program or a synopsis in the case of a series or movie will appear. In addition, when we click on Schedule the broadcast it will not stop, so we can continue listening to it normally as before. As we say, at the moment it is only available for some retransmissions, but from TDTChannels they promise that local networks will also receive this new feature in the coming days.

As TDTChannels itself explains, this function is currently available both in its web version and in the native applications of this platform for Android and iOS. Also available for M3U8 graphics.

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