The Infernal Affairs trilogy screened in 4K Ultra HD at Lincoln Center

The highly influential and wildly successful hellish affairs trilogy of andres lau Y Alan Mac returns to the big screen in 4K Ultra HD. According to Indiewire, the Hong Kong action franchise will be shown in its newly restored form with a screening at Lincoln Center, giving new viewers the clearest possible look at the acclaimed film and its sequels that inspired one of Martin ScorseseThe most important movies of . Screenings of all three films begin on September 16.

hellish affairs follows a deceptively simple premise: a cop from the Hong Kong police force joins a gang that also has a mole infiltrating the force. Living their respective double lives, they compete to eradicate the other while testing both men’s morals and forcing them through uneasy loyalties. Following overwhelming praise in its native China, the film would go on to win two sequels exploring the backstories of its key characters, Lau Kin-ming (Andy Lau) and Chan Wing-yan (tony leung), as well as the aftermath of the events of the first film. Though none could top the impact of the original, it turned out to be a fruitful franchise for Lau and Mak and one of the most beloved film trilogies in existence.


In the USA, hellish affairs received a limited theatrical release, but its impact was not really felt in the United States until Scorsese decided to make it the beloved Boston police thriller The dead people. Protagonist Leonardo Dicaprio Y Matt Damon as protagonists, the film followed more or less the same premise, although Scorsese and the screenwriter William Monahan he made it his own with his new setting and a touch of reality based on the Boston Hill Gang. In terms of award hype, it’s one of Scorsese’s most successful films, racking up four Oscars, including the coveted Best Picture and Best Director wins.

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As for the cast of hellish affairs, included two Hong Kong megastars at its center in Lau and Leung. The couple would also reprise their roles in Infernal Affairs IIIeven though they both sat hellish affairs II since it was a pure prequel, leaving Edison Chen Y shawn yue to play his younger self. Also recurring throughout the franchise are Kelly Chen, antonio wong, Eric TsangY chapman to.

To give the film its new 4K facelift, the ARRISCAN film scanner coupled with the original camera negatives, while the audio was a remix of the film’s original audio files. Janus Films, responsible for bringing a wide range of international films to the US, presents the restoration of hellish affairs at Lincoln Center on September 16. Check out the restored trailer courtesy of Indiewire below.

This is the official synopsis of the film:

Two of Hong Kong cinema’s most iconic leading men, Tony Leung and Andy Lau, square off in the stunning thriller that revitalized the 21st-century city-state’s film industry, launched a successful franchise, and inspired Martin Scorsese’s film ” The Departed”..’ The setting is diabolical in its simplicity: two undercover moles: a police officer (Leung) assigned to infiltrate a ruthless triad by posing as a gangster, and a gangster who becomes a police officer to serve as a spy for the underworld. — find themselves locked in a deadly game of cat and mouse, each racing against time to unmask the other. As shifting loyalties, murky moral compromises and deadly betrayals escalate, ‘Infernal Affairs’ raises disturbing questions about what it means to live a double life, lost in a maze of conflicting identities and loyalties.

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