The most cinematic horror games

While there is no shortage of cinematic fantasy games, the selection gets a bit smaller when it comes to horror titles. However, fans of the horror genre can still find creepy, creative, and downright scary games that can deliver a visually stunning and cinematic experience. Players can explore new horror stories or get lost in worlds inspired by their favorite horror movies and characters, and even step into the shoes of some of the most iconic serial killers.

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These hauntingly beautiful games also have a rich history, with well-crafted characters that immerse players further into the games’ twisted and mystery-filled worlds. From adventure and survival horror to dark psychological games, players can experience exciting and dangerous adventures that are sure to give them goosebumps, as well as some good scares.


8 Rusty Lake: Roots

If Wes Anderson made an animated horror movie, it would probably go something like Rusty Lake: Roots. This creepy and visually pleasing horror game may not be the scariest game players can pick up, but it is one of the most unique and surprisingly cinematic.

This rather difficult horror puzzle game is a wonderfully hand-drawn and surprisingly gory adventure that transports its players to the mysterious Rusty Lake. Rusty Lake: Roots is one of the most surreal and immersive horror games where players can build their own family tree, uncover dark secrets and get to know each character in detail, as well as how they lived and died.

7 the evil within 2

the evil within 2 is the perfect choice for those who like horror games with amazing combat and captivating stories. This psychological horror game follows the story of a detective named Sebastian who has to fight brutal enemies to save his daughter in the dangerous world of STEM.

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Players can explore this terrifying open world and its harrowing story as they help Sebastian slay dangerous creatures and evade traps to earn his redemption. It is quite a violent and bloody game that is perfect for survival horror gamers who would love to try a challenging and cinematic experience.

6 dead by daylight

dead by daylight is one of the most fun yet considerably difficult multiplayer cinematic horror games, but players can also choose to try it alone. Players can decide if they want to become a survivor or a killer before getting lost in the atmospheric and spooky world of the game.

Players can choose from some of the most iconic movie assassins of all time and enjoy some of the best perks as they try to hunt down their friends. While the killer’s goal is to trap, torture, and kill the other players, the survivors will have to use their wits and creativity to evade the attacks.

5 the medium

the medium is one of the best horror games of 2021 and is an emotional and dark single player title that takes its players on an unforgettable adventure. It is one of the most visually impressive psychological horror games with a complex world, fantastic characters, and a mature and well-crafted story.

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Players will be fully immersed in this haunting supernatural world while solving puzzles during dual reality gameplay. They will have to uncover dark mysteries as they use their psychic abilities to explore the spirit and the real world and try to survive attacks from a terrifying monster called The Maw.

4 house of ashes

house of ashes is one of the most visually beautiful and terrifying psychological survival horror games. Players will be transported to a beautiful Sumerian temple that hides dark secrets and deadly creatures. Players will be part of a Special Forces unit that accidentally discovers these deadly ancient creatures.

While it is one of the most cinematic horror games with an exhilarating and dynamic narrative and a story inspired by dark mythology, it is also quite a difficult game where every decision the player makes is crucial and affects the ending of the game. There are some house of ashes mistakes that players should avoid if they want to make their gaming experience more enjoyable.

3 The morgue attendant

The morgue attendant is one of the scariest cinematic horror games in recent years, with gameplay as unique as its story. In this scary and realistic medical simulator, players will step into the shoes of a morgue attendant and have to explore and survive the dark and mysterious River Fields Mortuary, where they can find more demons than corpses.

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Players will have to spend some time with the corpses, not only performing embalming and general care, but also learning how to banish demons to keep evil supernatural forces in check. The game has a fascinating story and amazing visuals, but it is quite difficult, so casual gamers better check out some of the beginner tips. mortuary attendant before starting.

two in most

in most is a cinematic Metroidvania horror game that takes its players on an emotional and bizarre adventure. This beautiful and creepy psychological horror game has stunning 2D pixel graphics with nightmarish landscapes and haunting monsters.

It’s perfect for horror fans who want to play a creepy game with interactive storytelling but no blood and gore. Players will have to explore a dark fantasy-inspired maze while choosing between three different characters, each with their own emotional story. Players will have to avoid traps, solve environmental puzzles, and defeat powerful monsters to stay alive as they explore all of the game’s exciting secret passages.

1 Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is one of the scariest and most cinematic survival horror games that players can enjoy from a realistic first person perspective. It is one of the most violent and bloody games with elements of psychological horror that can be played in both single player and multiplayer modes.

Players will have to explore a haunting yet deeply atmospheric world and its spooky farm while trying to survive terrifying zombie attacks. It’s a beautiful, immersive, story-rich game that’s as challenging and exciting as it is terrifying.

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