The original Mafia game will soon be free for a limited time

The original version of the 2002 video game Mafia from 2K Games will be available for players to play for free for a limited time on Steam.

the Mafia The series is one of those game franchises that many people seem to know about but lacks the popularity of its peers. not as big as him Grand Theft Auto franchise and deficiencies row of saintsunique sense of identity. However the Mafia The franchise remains a valuable IP for publisher 2K and one that maintains a huge following.

Today marks the 20th anniversary of MafiaThe launch of 2K and 2K knows how to celebrate. Mafia: Definitive Edition received mostly positive reviews, but the publisher wants to take players even further back. In a recent post on the official 2K Twitter account, it was revealed that the original version of Mafia It would be available for free on Steam for a limited time. Players will be able to download the game from the digital platform from September 1 to 5.


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As its title suggests, the Mafia the games focus on America Mob in Illinois, California, and Louisiana, with each game following a new protagonist. While certain aspects of the Mafia franchise are inaccurate, it has given gamers the opportunity to be a part of La Cosa Nostra without the legal ramifications. The first game primarily focuses on Tommy Angelo in Illinois. Tommy, a poor taxi driver, is inadvertently drawn into a life of organized crime after saving the lives of a couple of members of the Salieri family. He eventually discovers that he fits in much better than he ever imagined, which ultimately leads to his downfall. Players will now be able to experience the original version of this story once again for free for a limited time.

Since the first game was released, the Mafia The franchise has released two additional full installments. mob 2 hit the shelves in 2010 before mob 3 was released in 2016 which made La Cosa Nostra the main antagonist. A remastered version of mob 2titled Mafia 2: Definitive Edition was released in 2020 as was Mafia: Definitive Edition. recent layoffs in Mafia Studio Hanger 13 has had fans worried that the franchise may be in trouble, but now it looks like 2K isn’t ready to let the franchise die.

Earlier today, it was officially announced that a new Mafia The game was in development as of Hanger 13. Previous rumors have suggested that the game is a prequel set in Italy before La Cosa Nostra became a force to be reckoned with in the United States, but this has not been revealed. officially nothing definitive. For now, fans will have to settle for the top three Mafia games and soon you will be able to get the first installment for free.

Mafia: Definitive Edition It is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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