The Scariest Resident Evil Games, Ranked

demonic resident It has a catalog of games that are not very scary for being a horror franchise. The series has seen more than twenty installments, most of which lean more towards the action genre. Screen Rant has previously ranked the best and worst of Resident Evil main entrances. They all feature horrific moments and themes, but that’s not necessarily enough to earn it the label of a horror game. Of these games, only a few stand out as genuinely terrifying experiences.


[Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Resident Evil franchise.]First demonic resident released in 1996. It was a very influential game that coined the term “survival horror”. Since then, the series has had quite a few tonal changes. For a while, demonic resident The games became more synonymous with a fast-paced action game than the horror that put it on the map. This change was most noticeably felt in resident Evil 6but the trend goes back to Residentevil 4, when the series first implemented third-person shooter gameplay. demonic resident the stories were getting too big, and the negative response to the series’ new focus on action caused a difficult redirection with Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

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Capcom began releasing a series of remakes of the classic demonic resident games, starting with resident evil 2 in 2019. These games have begun to refocus the series on its survival horror roots. This list will include the demonic resident remakes, but that doesn’t mean the originals weren’t scary. The remakes have gained preference here because they are more widely available, and the improved graphical fidelity and gameplay mechanics enhanced the horror elements in the original releases. Below is a list of five of the scariest demonic resident games, ranked from least to most terrifying.

5. Resident Evil 3 Remake is scary because of Nemesis

Resident Evil 3, now playable in virtual reality, gives players a truly terrifying look at the horrors of the Raccoon City outbreak. The game takes place one day before the events of resident evil 2, and follows Jill Valentine fleeing the city. As if evading hordes of zombies wasn’t terrifying enough, the Nemesis T-Type targets Jill throughout the game. This is an upgraded version of the Tyrant from resident evil 2.

Umbrella specifically designed the Nemesis to hunt down STARS members who tried to expose the company’s experiments discovered at the mansion in the Arklay Mountains from the first. demonic resident. The Nemesis is persistent and returns stronger and harder to defeat each time he is defeated, even coming back equipped with a rocket launcher. concept art for Resident Evil 3 shows the creation of Nemesis, and his presence makes progressing through the game more than stressful.

4. Resident Evil is a haunted house classic

First demonic resident, and its new HD version, still stands as one of the scariest games in the franchise. The tense atmosphere of the Spencer mansion keeps the player fearful of what might be lurking in the next hallway or room. The still camera and tank-like controls added to the suspense by removing the sense of control present in later games. One of the scariest moments in the game is when the dogs burst through the windows and attack the player, locking them in a narrow hallway. This scene is iconic for the franchise and it won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

3. Resident Evil Village offers the latest thrills in the series

The most recent entry in the series, Resident Evil Village and its DLC, continues the franchise’s refocus on its survival horror roots. It uses the first person perspective which, like its predecessor, strengthens the player’s connection with the character and improves scares. The scariest segment of the game takes place in the Benevento House. In this sequence, the player is stripped of their weapons and must solve a series of puzzles to escape.

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The basement area of ​​the house is eerily reminiscent of the narrow corridors and scary corners of the house in PT, on which this level is heavily inspired. At one point, the player is chased by a giant, misshapen fetus monster. In the end, it is revealed to be a hallucination, but it is classic nightmare fuel nonetheless.

2. Resident Evil 2 (Remake) is the perfect zombie game

resident evil 2, which is getting free updates for next-gen consoles, is a shining example of what third-person survival horror should be for the series. The game takes place during the Raccoon City outbreak and is most notable in the Raccoon City Police Station. It’s a huge building that used to be an art museum and is now overrun by zombies. It has a similar atmosphere to the Spencer mansion, but the Tyrant, Mr. X, makes it even scarier. Once he shows up, Mr. X harasses the player for the rest of the game. He cannot be killed, so the only solution is to flee to the safe rooms, which he cannot access. The cramped areas of the police station make Mr. X particularly difficult to evade once he feels attacked. Exploring the police station with Mr. X in hot pursuit is like a prolonged anxiety attack packaged in video game form.

1. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is a distinctive horror nightmare

After resident Evil 6the most hated game in the series, Capcom did a massive redirect for the series with Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. It was the first main entry in the franchise to use the first-person perspective, which added a new level of fear. It also ditched the action focus of its predecessors in favor of a pure horror experience. Resident Evil 7 takes place on the Baker family’s sizable run-down estate, which has been infected with a mold virus that gives them inhuman strength. Contrary to previous games, the player is rarely able to fight their way out of tense encounters with the Bakers. Stealth is more effective, but it also makes being discovered that much scarier.

As the series that gave rise to the survival horror genre, it was disappointing to see demonic resident lose your way for so long. However, the franchise’s return to its horror beginnings has been refreshing, and one can only hope that it stays on track. Fortunately, it looks like Capcom will continue to push the series in this direction. The next Resident Evil 4 The remake is described as incorporating more of the tone and atmosphere created in the resident evil 2 Redo. All of this bodes well for Resident Evil 9 every time it is released.

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