Tower of Fantasy: How to Defeat Robarg

The open world online role-playing game fantasy tower features World Bosses, tough enemies indicated by a huge icon on the map that must be fought alongside other players and will drop high-quality items like SSR weapons. Robarg is also one of the World Bosses that are part of fantasy tower Executor Event, and when you defeat Robarg, he will drop 500 Revitalized Energy Body, which can be redeemed for the limited-time reward in the Shop.

Of course, that means you’ll want to farm Robarg often for SSR, revitalized energy bodies, and other loot. To help you in your quest, here is everything you need to know about Robarg World Boss in fantasy tower.

Robarg – Fantasy Tower World Boss Details

  • Appear: Tomb of Thorns, Astra Island (X: -576.1 Y: 1018.9)
  • Level: 24
  • Attribute: Physical
  • Weakness: Fire
  • Endurance: volts
  • loot rewards:
    • Random SSR Weapons
    • King SSR Matrix
    • Robarg Matrix
    • Random matrix R
    • Missile Bombardment Fragments
    • Gun Battery III
    • Matrix III Data Pack

the fantasy tower The community believes that the respawn time for World Bosses is around an hour. If you can’t find Robarg instead, then you should try “Channel Skip”; such as joining a party, changing channels, or opening the channel icon and entering the channel where there are other players reporting that Robarg has spawned.

Robarg Attack Pattern

Video courtesy of ZaFrostPet.

  • Most of his attacks are telegraphed and can be easily avoided; always keep an eye on the red AOE (area of ​​effect) indicator around you.
  • If he follows you, keep moving because he will fire six consecutive follow-up bullets.
  • Robarg will often summon a shield to reduce the damage he takes.
  • Robarg will unleash a poison gas attack if his gauge reaches maximum while he has his shield. Avoid it by hugging the wall of the arena.
  • After the Poison Gas, Robarg will summon Bees to harass you.
  • When Robarg raises his arms, he will summon a large Vine attack from underground, which can only be avoided with a dodge move.


  • At some point, he will change form and grow a long Vine Whip around his body. She will become more powerful and her attack pattern will also change.
  • When he transforms, he will attack three times in a row, along with two additional Vine Whip moves.
  • She will also fire three explosive bullets in an arc from the top of her half Bud.
  • Yellow buds will form at the ends of the Vine Whips. If you stop moving nearby, it will grab you and deal continuous damage.

Strategy to Defeat Robarg in Tower of Fantasy

Video courtesy of MonkeyKingHero.

As mentioned above, the fantasy tower World Boss Robarg is resistant to Volt so don’t bring Volt weapons and instead use Flame if you want to defeat her easily. Fortunately, Robarg doesn’t move and will always stay in the middle of the arena. You have to be quick on your feet though because some of his attacks track you, and there’s a big attack from Vine that can only be avoided with a dodge move. Therefore, you must always be aware of it and never stop moving at the same time.

When he summons the bees after the poison gas, you can dodge and dodge the bees easily as they are quite slow. Meanwhile, Scythe of the Crow weapon users should help deal with mobs, as it grants buffs as the number of enemies increases.

In the middle of the fight, Robarg will transform and summon more Vines around him. He will get extra moves, but the basics remain the same: he watch out for red AOE indicators, save his dodges, and don’t stop moving. He tries to keep track of his Yellow Buds at the ends of his Vines, as they will catch him if he stands still.

Like other world bosses (although considered relatively low level), Robarg is still pretty tough. Combat relics like Improved Missile Barrage and Hover Cannon are really useful if you’re struggling against her. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it alone. For just her, you’ll want to balance between DPS and healing. He tries to use Healing Weapon Resonance like 3-star Scar Staff and 1-star Negative Cube, as well as Nemesis or any combination of healing, and then use his primary weapon as a damage dealer; the recommended one is King with Raven Scythe.

Lastly, don’t forget that you can’t get Matrxies and SSR weapons through Forced Decipher. You would need Perfect Decipher to get the best loot for Robarg and other World Bosses in fantasy tower. This is why you should run Daily Rewards and Weekly Activities frequently to get as many Type III/Yellow Password Chips as you can.

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fantasy tower It is available for PC, Android and iOS.

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