Valve Files ‘Neon Prime’ Trademark for New Video Game Software

The company has filed a trademark that includes mention of video game software and online entertainment services.

A recent Valve trademark filing has piqued the curiosity of gamers this week, as the app includes a mention of video game software. More specifically, Valve registered a trademark for “Neon Prime” with two registrations listed by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

One record refers to entertainment services such as online video games, while the other points to computer software. In the Goods and Services section of the first trademark registration, the following is described:

Meanwhile, the second trademark registration includes mention of computer game software.

Screenshot of Valve's Neon Prime trademark filing showing a reference to things like online video games in the Goods and Services section.
© United States Patent and Trademark Office

The filing date for the Neon Prime trademark is October 10, while the priority date is listed as September 16. This emphasizes the presentation as something relatively recent, although Valve has yet to share any clues about what this video game-related project could be. .

That said, Valve’s own Gabe Newell commented last year that the company has several games in development that it plans to announce in the future. “We definitely have games in development that we’re going to announce; it’s fun to ship games,” Newell said at the time.

It looks like that future could be fast approaching, and we’ll be sure to keep you posted on any updates related to Neon Prime as more information is revealed in the future. Until then, be sure to catch up on some of our previous coverage, including Gabe Newell’s confirmation that more Valve games are in development, and the exciting news that Valve’s Steam Deck and Dock are now available without reservation.

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