What is the thriller Loving Adults on Netflix about?

If you’ve been paying attention to Netflix’s Top 10 list lately, you may have noticed that a new thriller came out last week. the danish thriller caring adults is a dark and suspenseful movie that will keep you guessing. Anyone who likes to watch thrillers, mysteries, or dark suspense stories should check this out. caring adultsbased on a book by Anna Ekberg.

Given the title of the movie, you can probably guess what it is about. The film begins with a shocking murder and then flashes back to show us what happened and what ultimately led to that violent incident.

The fine line between love and hate becomes dangerously blurred when a wife finds out her husband is having an affair. Sounds like a pretty cut and dry story, right? But caring adults has a lot of twists in store. Barbara Rothenborg directs and Marcella Dichmann produces for SF Studios.

Since this is a Danish movie, you’ll want to use subtitles if you speak English. Netflix also offers English dubbing. Many other languages ​​are available.

Loving Adults Plot Synopsis

This psychological thriller is full of dramatic twists and turns. Nothing is what it initially appears to be. Christian (Dar Salim) and Leonora (Sonja Richter) seem to have it all. The perfect marriage, a beautiful life, and a son who has just been pronounced healthy after a long illness – his future looks promising. But when Leonora finds out that her husband is having an affair with a woman at her company, he does everything he can to stop her from leaving her.

Here is the official Netflix synopsis:

It seems that Christian (Dar Salim) and Leonora (Sonja Richter) have it all. They are living a perfect life with their son, who has just been declared healthy after a serious long-term illness. Her future finally looks bright, but at a party at Christian’s corporate firm, Leonora sees her husband with a younger woman, the architect Xenia (Sus Wilkins). Leonora realizes that Christian might leave her.

How could I? How could she leave the woman who has sacrificed her career? The woman who has sacrificed everything to take care of her son and her family? On the spot, Leonora makes a decision: she refuses to be the woman left behind, by any means necessary.

Loving Adults runtime and maturity rating

The movie is only 1 hour and 45 minutes long, so only two hours, it won’t take you long to watch it. However, it is rated TV-MA for language, nudity, and smoking, which means it may not be suitable for those under 17.

Is Loving Adults based on a book?

Yes! The pulpy Danish film is based on a novel by Anna Ekberg (pseudonym of authors Anders Rønnow Klarlund and Jacob Weinreich). the book is titled Until death do us part.

You’ve seen caring adults on Netflix yet? Do you plan to see the movie soon? Stream it right now on Netflix.

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