Xbox could get more Xbox 360 backwards compatible games

Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard could add more Xbox 360 backwards compatible titles once licensing issues are resolved.

Backwards compatible games not available on xbox it cannot be set in stone as previously thought. That list of unavailable games could be further shortened on current Xbox hardware thanks to the possible acquisition of Activision and Blizzard.

Microsoft’s potential deal with Activision and Blizzard could mean big things for gamers as Obligations Y world of warcraft could reach Game Pass with its future deliveries. With the acquisition on the line, upcoming releases aren’t the only thing players can look forward to, as great things from the past may also return. According to Xbox insider Shpeshal_Nick, certain games from previous generations may finally get their due on current-gen Xbox hardware thanks to an acquisition that could remove licensing barriers.


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According to Shpehsal_Nick in the latest episode of the XboxEra podcast, license barriers for certain games would no longer be an issue for Microsoft. What these games are has yet to be revealed, though the source says gamers shouldn’t get their hopes up on Marvel games, such as Spiderman Y X Men, because they involve more complicated licenses with Disney. If the Activision and Blizzard deal goes through, the tipster claims that the potential games that will be available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S via backwards compatibility should amount to two or three Xbox 360 titles under the umbrella. of those studies. Even though Xbox backwards compatibility updates are coming to an end, this deal will bring these welcome surprises to Xbox’s collection of backwards compatible titles.

The nearly $70 billion acquisition is nearly complete as Microsoft waits for the Federal Trade Commission, but Activision Blizzard shareholders still approved of Microsoft’s deal. Despite this, there are still hurdles to overcome for Microsoft, as Saudi Arabia remains the only competition regulator to have given the stamp of approval with an eye also among US senators regarding antitrust concerns. security and the possibility of using privileged information.

There’s still a list of Xbox 360 games that aren’t backwards compatible, but even so, Microsoft sets the precedent for how preservation of previous-gen games should be handled, and this acquisition could further solidify this as a opportunity to increase the number. of backward compatible titles that are available. Time will tell what these consist of. xbox the games could be at the end of the Microsoft Activision Blizzard deal.

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