Xbox Game Pass Seven Day One Games Highlights

xbox game pass It gives Xbox gamers plenty of reasons to sign up, but one of the biggest selling points is its day one game selection. Xbox Game Pass adds new day one releases to the library on a regular basis, with multiple day one releases being added each month. It’s always exciting for Game Pass subscribers whenever a new game is seen coming to Game Pass on day one, and a recent sizzle has put the spotlight on seven of those day one releases.

Humble Bundle has released a sizzling new video via IGN highlighting seven of its games that are either already available on Xbox Game Pass or coming to the service on day one. This includes the recently released Midnight Fighting Express, an action game that is available for Game Pass subscribers to try right now. The other featured games on the sizzle are moon markings (released September 27), signal (released October 27), Coral Island, ghost song, infinite guitarsY prodeo. prodeoIt’s worth mentioning that it’s already available on PC Game Pass, but it will make its console debut as an Xbox Game Pass game on day one.


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For those who are not familiar with the games, moon markings is a side-scrolling Soulslike with a gloomy art style, while signal is a sci-fi horror game with a unique art style. While moon markings will be available for Xbox Game Pass subscribers to try on September 27, signal will be released on October 27, just in time for Halloween.

New games from the first day of Xbox Game Pass

  • Midnight Fight Express – Available Now
  • Moonscars – September 27
  • Signalis – October 27
  • Coral Island – TBA
  • Ghost Song – TBA
  • Infinite Guitars – TBA
  • Prodeus – TBA

Coral Island, meanwhile, is quite different from the other games in the lineup. While Midnight Fighting Express, moon markingsY signal they all have intense action, Coral Island is a life simulation game that has a lot more in common with titles like animal crossing Y stardew valley. It currently lacks a release date, just like ghost songa side-scrolling action game also coming to Xbox Game Pass on day one.

infinite guitars is one of the more experimental games in the lineup, blending classic RPG tropes with music and rhythm-based gameplay. It sounds like an interesting combination, and Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be able to see if it’s worth it on day one.

And finally, the console version of prodeo it’s also on the way for Xbox Game Pass. prodeo is a retro-styled FPS game that originally released on PC in 2020 to mostly positive reviews, so between this and the other games in the lineup, Game Pass subscribers have a lot to look forward to in the coming months.

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