Xbox has revamped the library of games and apps with a new interface

what you need to know

  • The Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles share an interface, with a large button on the dashboard dedicated to grouping your digital games.
  • The Xbox Insider Program allows Xbox users to try upcoming versions of the dashboard and other apps.
  • The latest version of the Xbox Insider Program has made some improvements to the Games & Apps library, adding a tabbed interface that separates content by source.

The Xbox dashboard has seen some interesting updates of late, most notably perhaps the inclusion of Discord as part of the Xbox Insider program. This latest Xbox Insider Alpha Ring build has made some notable changes to the Games & Apps section, which is normally where you go to browse all your installed content and games available for download.

The new interface revamps the “Full Library” section of the dashboard, which was admittedly a bit cluttered in the previous incarnation. Now, you have a quick tabbed interface with horizontal labels for different groups of content, separating the “own games” you purchased directly from libraries like Xbox Game Pass or EA Play.

(Image credit: Windows Central)

Each tab section is designed with features specific to that content group in mind. For example, the full “own games” list doesn’t exactly need to show “recent additions” or “coming out soon” filters, which is exactly what the Xbox Game Pass tab does. You still get the regular filters as before, with the ability to change tile sizes to fit more content on a single screen.

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