Xbox Head Shows More Interest In Metaverse Than Play-To-Earn Games

Play-to-win games are simply games that offer rewards to players, but Xbox execs are now intrigued by the metaverse. They are completely different from the traditional video games that most people are familiar with. Each Play to Win game offers a unique reward to players for time spent on in-game activity. But traditional gamers get no real value from their games.

Players of such games are usually rewarded through NFTs (non-fungible tokens), digital currencies, or value added to the NFTs of already existing players. Players will often need to invest in these games before they can start playing. However, some others offer a free start of the game.

Play-to-win games can be risky, particularly those that require an initial investment. The reason is that not all activities in the game are successful. As such, players are likely to lose their capital at the end of a gaming session.

Phil Spencer’s version of play to win games

Meanwhile, Microsoft’s gaming company boss Phil Spencer has been vocal about his thoughts on play-to-win games. In his opinion, these games are to accumulate cryptocurrencies.

Xbox Head Shows More Interest In Metaverse Than Play-To-Earn Games
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This is because most play-to-win games are pretty menial. But the potential rewards are what make players participate in them. Spencer cited his caution about such games because they are channeled to boost their economies.

However, there is a silver lining to making money games, he added. Play to win games can be quite valuable in certain areas. While that was an encouragement to gamers, Spencer didn’t mention the areas where these games can be useful.

Spencer’s thoughts on the metaverse

Meanwhile, Spencer shows more interest in the Metaverse, as evident from her speech with Bloomberg. Spencer revealed that various players have been quite active in the world of the metaverse for years, even with little knowledge about the concept of it. He said so on Thursday in a meeting with Emily Chang, an anchor for Bloomberg.

The world of the metaverse creates a 3D space for users to freely interact and communicate their different experiences, says Spencer. In addition, the platform already comes predesigned with some avatars for users. As such, they will not need much knowledge about the system to operate on it.

Spencer’s thoughts on the Metaverse are relative to those of Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft. They both mentioned that there is still room for improvement in metaverse games, based on people’s expectations. Although Spencer saw the need for some improvements in metaverse games, he was never wary of the idea.

Meanwhile, Mark Cuban expresses some disapproval of investments in virtual properties. Mark Cuban is a billionaire investor and cryptocurrency advocate. In his speech he stated that this investment is the dumbest ever known. One of the reasons he cited was scarcity and lack of utility.

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